Get Ready for Book Boot Camp for Novelists

You probably know that most everyone wants to write a novel some day.

But did you know that most people will never even start writing their novel?

Did you also know that most people who start writing their novel will get stuck somewhere along the way and will never finish writing their novel?

They’ll put it away and dream of finishing it.

But without guidance and support, they’ll just never get around to completing it.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Write a novel

Register for Book Boot Camp for Novelists now and I’ll guide and support you so you write a novel – start to finish – in just 16 weeks.

Why 16 weeks?

Because most people have other responsibilities and they can’t just drop everything and write full time.

But 4 months gives them a time limit to meet – and boot camp gives them the structure they need to complete their novel and still fulfill all their other personal and professional obligations while they’re working on their novel.

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