The Summersby Island House

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About the Summersby Island House

The Summersby Island HouseIn one day, Lana Stewart’s life seems to fall apart. Her boyfriend breaks up with her just when she expects him to propose, she is laid off from her job, and she receives an eviction notice from her landlord—all on the same day. So Lana does the only thing she knows to do and calls her old friend.

Sherry suggests Lana move back to her childhood home on Summersby Island, Florida, and begin again. What does she have to lose?

With Sherry’s help, Lana finds a new job but she needs a permanent place to live. Out of the blue, she learns that the bank has just foreclosed on an old, dilapidated house right on the beach. At first sight, it seems a preposterous idea to buy and try to fix up the run-down place, but maybe it has potential.

That’s when Mack, a local building contractor, walks into the bank and agrees to help renovate Lana’s newly acquired heap of a house. At times he seems too good to be true—especially in light of Lana’s previous experience with the men in her life. Her rule of only one broken heart per year keeps her from rushing into a new relationship, even though her heart aches for a family of her own.

But if she wants to find true happiness in her house on the beach, she just might have to get her feet wet.

Novella length. Sweet romance.

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